NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR INTERFAITH HARMONY (NCFIH) is a known political council striving to bring the believers of different faiths closer through promoting respect for human rights and dignity, values of religious tolerance, space respect for other religions, resolving issues through dialogue and spirit of peaceful co-existence aimed at projecting a true image of Islam and our mother land and transforming it a better place to live in.

Growing poverty and disparity among different segments of society is adding fuel to this fire of extremism and has lead to challenging the writ of state in different parts of country, terrorism and hatred towards other faiths and beliefs. Different civil society organization and government of Pakistan initiated different project to rehabilitate the victims.

We at Interfaith Harmony International feel, it is a short-term solution to rehabilitate the victims of economically and we should look for permanent and sustainable solution of this menace of inter-faith conflict to avoid relapse. We feel we should go for winning the minds and hearts and inculcate the value of tolerance, compassion, brotherhood and respect for other faiths in the people of area through a series of inter-faith dialogue, seminars, workshops and dissemination of religious injunction of both the religions.


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Dr. Ijaz Siddiqui

Central Senior Vice Chairman

DR, Ijaz as a Central Senior Vice Chairman now have full authority of our organization.

To make our efforts for alleviating poverty among the target poor people successful, NCFIH receives resources in cash and kind from different government and non-government donor agencies working in the national and international area to implement sponsored programs in different parts of Pakistan. The NGO Affairs Bureau of the Government of Pakistan always cooperates with us to accomplish our programs as scheduled.

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