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Waseem Samad Chairman donating goods to Pakistan Army at Multan for flood victims

Waseem Samad Chairman NCFIH taking over Boats from IOM representatives

Click here for a short video of the message conveyed by the Chairman NCFIH to motorcycle/car rally at Vehari

Click here for a short video of the message conveyed to the Hindu community at Yazmaan by the Chairman NCFIH (Part 1)

Click here for a short video of the message conveyed to the Hindu community at Yazmaan by the Chairman NCFIH (Part 2)

A short video of the National Peace Convention at Islamabad and the message conveyed by the Chairman

Click here for a short video of the car rally from Vehari to Islamabad and the message conveyed by the Chairman

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Chairman National Council For Interfaith Harmony, Syed Wasim Samad Hashmi had special meeting with Main Nawaz Sharif.





Punjab peace convention in Al Hamra Hall Lahore.





Peace Convention held at Agency Hotel on 5/5/2011 at Azad Jamu Kashmir. Chaired by Chairman Syed Wasim Samad Hashmi. The special guest of this convention was Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah, Federal Minister (Islamic Affairs), Tahir Khokar, Minister of Azad Jamu Kashmir and commissioner Mir Pur attended the convocation. Thousands of participant participated in the convention Including Raja Jamil Rehman, chairman Azad Jamu Kashmir.











Peace Convention held at Gulzar-e-Sadiq on 22/3/2011 at Bahawalpur. Chaired by Chairman Syed Wasim Samad Hashmi. The special guest of this convention was Syed Ahmed Mujtaba Gillani, Incharge Prime Minister Camp. Eight thousand people participated in the convention.




Federal Minister, Akram Masih Gul is presenting the notification to Chairman National Council for Interfaith Harmony, Syed Wasim Samad Hashmi as he is declared the advisor to Akram Masih Gul.





Special meeting of Syed Wasim Samad Hashmi with the Core-Commander, Waqar Ali Bungish.


images/stories/Liqaajk1.jpg images/stories/lipaajk3.jpg


Central Chairman NCFIH, Mr Waseem Samad Hashmi donating fleet of trucks filled with food, medicines and other related daily usage things to flood victims. All these goods were handed over to Pakistan Army at Multan in the presence of
General Jamal, Brigadier Masood, Colonel Sohail and Colonel Sanaa.


IHI/events/Army1.jpg IHI/events/Army2.jpg



G O J R A (go top)

Incident of Gojra, District Toba Tek Singh. NCFIH played vital role for the peace and eliminated the misperceptions resulting in interfaith harmony. This peace seminar ended the event in peaceful results in the presence of Administrative bodies, Punjab Law Minister, Christian, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim scholars. The whole event was supervised by NCFIH Chairman, "Mr Waseem Samad Hashmi".


Gojra%20TMA%20Hall.jpg Gojra%20TMA%20Halll.jpg



IHI/events/Gojra2.jpg IHI/events/Gojra%2045.jpg



IHI/events/Gojra5.jpg IHI/events/Gojra1.jpg


IHI/events/Gojra23.jpg IHI/events/Gojra-MrHashmi.jpg



IHI/events/Gojra%20Seminar.jpg IHI/events/Gojra25.jpg



IHI/events/Gojra.jpg IHI/events/Gojra3.jpg


This National Peace Convention for Interfaith Harmony, took place in Holiday Inn, Islamabad. People from all religions in Pakistan participated. Mr Waseem Samad Hashmi, Chairman NCFIH, conveyed his message of love, interfaith harmony, affection, peace, friendship and brotherhood to all participants.

Click here for a short video of the National Peace Convention and the message conveyed by the Chairman.



IHI/events/IsbConv02.jpg IHI/events/Isblamabad.jpg



IHI/events/IsbConv06.jpg IHI/events/ISB.jpg


IHI/events/IsbConv03.jpg IHI/events/IsbConv.jpg


This Mega event was carried out through different districts of Pakistan, passing Interfaith message to every district. This journey of over 72 hours and around 1000 cars ended at Parade Ground, opposite National Assembly, Islamabad. People from different religions participated in this car rally declaring unity in nation and interfaith harmony.

Click here for a short video of the car rally and the message conveyed by the Chairman.



IHI/events/Car%20Rally1.jpg IHI/events/Car%20Rally.jpg





L A H O R E (go top)
Interfaith Harmony Peace convention at Al-Hamra Hall, Lahore, in the presence of Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Mr. Hamid Saeed Qazmi and Provincial Minister for Minority Affairs Mr. Kamran Micheal. Chairman NCFIH Waseem Samad Hashmi delivered his message of peace, brotherhood and interfaith harmony to participants from all over Pakistan including FATA and Waziristan.


IHI/events/Lahore34.jpg IHI/events/Lhr.jpg



IHI/events/LhorAlham.jpg IHI/events/Lhr%20Ministrer%20Okara.jpg



IHI/events/lahore1.jpg IHI/events/Lahoere.jpg

At the incident of bomb blast and terrorism in Moon Market Lahore, Chairman NCFIH Mr Waseem Samad Hashmi is addressing to the trade union of moonmarket, where a number of people lost their lives. He is expressing his good feeling and unity with the traders of Moon Market and planed future policy to prevent such incidents in future.


IHI/events/LahoreMoonMarket16.jpg IHI/events/LahoreMoonMarket16.jpg



Interfaith Peace Convention of Scholars in Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore. A dialogue exchange was held on interfaith peace harmony among scholars of different religions under the Chairmanship of Waseem Samad Hashmi, NCFIH


IHI/events/Lhr018.jpg IHI/events/Lhr017.jpg



IHI/events/Lahore%20PC.jpg IHI/events/Lahorepc.jpg


Interfaith peace workshop at Sunfort, Gulberg, Lahore. Chairman NCFIH, Mr. Waseem Samad Hashmi is addressing to dedicated members.


IHI/events/Lahore009.jpg IHI/events/lahore.jpg



IHI/events/Lahore2.jpg IHI/events/lahoreasifmanzor.jpg



All Pakistan Interfaith Harmony convention in the presence of Senior Minister Punjab Mr. Raja Riaz Ahmad, under the supervision of Chairman NCFIH was held in District Lodhran. It was announced in the convention that awareness centers must be built all over Pakistan to educate people on modern education with respect to peace and interfaith harmony.


IHI/events/Lodhran11.jpg IHI/events/Lodhran10.jpg







IHI/events/Lodhran13.jpg IHI/events/Lodhran06.jpg





F A I S A L A B A D (go top)

Protesting Rally
A protest is being carried out under the supervision of Chairman NCFIH Mr Waseem Samad Hashmi against the publication of sketches of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The participants strongly condemned and assured such incidents not to occur again, as this is one of the emotional elements that is disturbing peace in all over the world. The Chairman passed his message to the world saying "There is no compromise on activities carried out against the emotions of Muslim World or any other religion and there can be no peace if such activities happen."


IHI/events/Fsd4.jpg IHI/events/Fsd1.jpg




National Interfaith Peace Convention in Faisalabad

This convention was held in the presence of Prime Minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali and Federal Minister for Minority Affairs Prof. Mushtaq Victcor under the supervision of Chairman NCFIH Mr. Waseem Samad Hashmi. People from all categories, religions and regions participated. The Chairman insisted on Interfaith Harmony to finish extremism, terrorism and conflicts between different sects of religions.


IHI/events/Fsd%20Jamali%20faisalbaad.jpg IHI/events/Fsd5.jpg



Fsd-34.jpg IHI/events/fsd8.jpg


IHI/events/fsd6.jpg IHI/events/Fsbd0002.jpg



Mr. Bryan D. Hunt, Principal Officer, Consulate of the United States of America, visited Faisalabad in an Interfaith Convention. Chairman NCFIH Mr. Waseem Samad Hashmi is with him.


IHI/events/Fsd%20VIP%20Brandy.jpg IHI/events/Fsd%20Brand.jpg



Fsd%20Brandy.jpg IHI/events/fsd2.jpg





All Pakistan peace convention in Faisalabad Zilla Council ground.




M A N D I - Y A Z M A A N (go top)

This region consists of Hindu community in major. They specially requested the Divisional Chairman Bahawalpur, Mr Rana Khalid Mehmood to request Chairman NCFIH Mr. Waseem Samad Hashmi to be the chief guest at this occassion.

Click here for a short video of the message conveyed to the Hindu community by the Chairman NCFIH


V E H A R I (go top)

Interfaith Peace Convention

This peace convention was held in the presence of Provincial Minister for Religious Affairs, Punjab. A message by the Chairman NCFIH Mr Waseem Samad Hashmi was conveyed and agreed that we will have to accept the policy of "Respect for all Religions" world wide to stop world level terrorism activities.


IHI/events/Vehari010.jpg IHI/events/Vehari012.jpg



Vehari009.jpg IHI/events/Vehari011.jpg





Ch. Naimatullah Senior Vice President of the council with prominent personalities of the Pakistan.


Mr. Waseem Samad Hashmi, Chairman NCFIH, visited Vehari to organize the District Body. He delivered the message of Interfaith Harmony on grass root level.


IHI/events/vehar.jpg IHI/events/Vehari.jpg



Vehari1.jpg IHI/events/Vehari10.jpg


Awareness Rally

An awareness rally was held in District Vehari under the supervision of Chairman NCFIH Mr Waseem Samad Hashmi. It was to deliver a message to the general public about the peace and interfaith harmony in all over the district. The rally ended up with a speech of the Chairman and lunch conveying the message of unity to all the participants. This rally was especially in favour of unity with Pakistan Army.

Click here for a short video of the message conveyed by the Chairman NCFIHat motorcycle/car rally


IHI/events/Vehari023.jpg IHI/events/Vehari022.jpg



Vehari021.jpg IHI/events/Vehari025.jpg


IHI/events/Vehari026.jpg IHI/events/Vehari027.jpg



K H A N E W A L (go top)

Oath taking ceremony was held in Khanewal District under the supervision of Chairman NCFIH, Mr Waseem Samad Hashmi. The message was conveyed to all members that they need to work on grass root level to ensure peace and interfaith in the region.


IHI/events/khwal1.jpg Khnwl12.jpg





Elimination of Extremism


This convension, held in Kabeerwala, was focused on "Elimination of Extremism". The participants delivered lectures on how to face extremism through hand-outs, brochures and other materials. It was agreed by the participants that workshops and peace conventions should occur frequently.


IHI/events/khw1014.jpg Khnw012.jpg




M U L T A N (go top)

A central body meeting held in Multan by Chairman NCFIH Mr. Waseem Samad Hashmi. MPA from Multan Mr. Amir Dogar is also present in the meeting. Instructions were passed to the body on interfaith harmony and peace activities..


IHI/events/Mtn006.jpg IHI/events/Mtn.jpg



IHI/events/Mtn007.jpg IHI/events/Mtn009.jpg


IHI/events/Multan.jpg IHI/events/Mtn008.jpg




Formation of general body in Dera Ghazi Khan. Members were appointed with a commitment to keep peace in the region and ensured interfaith activities to occur frequently creating awareness in public.


IHI/events/DGK0100.jpg IHI/events/DGK012.jpg




Amazing results from Dera Ghazi Khan were observed after formation of the general body with in just few months. This convention was held in the region to encourage members who joined NCFIH. A message by the Chairman NCFIH Mr Waseem Samad Hashmi was passed on commitment to interfaith harmony and peace keeping in the area. It was one of the mega events in the history of Dera Ghazi Khan where participants were from all religions and sects.


IHI/events/DGK005.jpg IHI/events/DGK008.jpg



IHI/events/DGK007.jpg IHI/events/DGK006.jpg


IHI/events/DGK009.jpg IHI/events/DGK010.jpg

S A H I W A L (go top)

On event of attack on Eid Melad ul Nabi, this convention was held. The participants strongly condemned on this event against the enemies of Islam and the country. A resolution of unity and peace was passed. Lecture on interfaith harmony and peace was delivered by Chairman NCFIH Mr. Waseem Samad Hashmi. A message of brotherhood and respect for all religions was passed to audience. .



IHI/events/sahiwal05.jpg IHI/events/sahiwal06.jpg




O K A R A (go top)

A special convention the event of Shanti Nagar took place in Okara under the supervision of Chairman NCFIH, Mr Waseem Samad Hashmi and presence of Kamran Micheal, Minister of Minority Affairs. Later a general body meeting was also held separately in order to exchange dialogues on how to maintain peace in the region and avoid such incidences in future.


IHI/events/Okara1.jpg IHI/events/Okara23.jpg



IHI/events/Okara015.jpg IHI/events/Okara016.jpg

IHI/events/Okara.jpg IHI/events/Okara017.jpg

S H E I K H U P U R A (go top)

A Ceremony on appointments of general body was held in Sheikhupura under the supervision of Chairman NCFIH, Mr Waseem Samad Hashmi. All the participants committed to provide extra ordinary results focusing interfaith harmony and peace in the district.


IHI/events/sheikhup1.jpg IHI/events/Sheikhupu.jpg

IHI/events/Shkpr09.jpg IHI/events/Sheikhupura.jpg

IHI/events/Shkpr08.jpg IHI/events/Sheikhupur.jpg

B H A K K A R (go top)

A rally held in District Bhakkar on the topic of sketch of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). The participants expressed their love and affection for their Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and also warned to stop the nonsense activities against the Muslims. NCFIH believes in "Respect for all religions" and strongly conveyed this message worldwide.


IHI/events/Bhakkar.jpg IHI/events/Baaakar.jpg


Q U E T T A (go top)

"Although Balochistan is badly hit with extremism activities, there is a hope of peace and interfaith harmony in Balochistan. They only need to get united and exchange dialogues among different local tribes". This message was passed to people of Quetta recently by the Chairman of NCFIH, Mr. Waseem Samad Hashmi. The participants promised to work against the elements of extremism and welcomed the first step taken by NCFIH. They are now working on peace and interfaith on their own.


IHI/events/Queta05.jpg IHI/events/Queta06.jpg

C H A M A N (go top)

Since its the border area of Afghanistan, there is not concept of Interfaith harmony. The Chairman of NCFIH, Mr. Waseem Samad Hashmi passed message to the people and gave them awareness on this topic. A big group of audience was present to hear the lecture on peace and interfaith. This activity was very much appreciated by the Sardaars of local tribes as they are really looking for someone to show them path to peace and interfaith harmony. .


IHI/events/Chaman007.jpg IHI/events/Chaman008.jpg


Z I A R A T (go top)

A very historical and beautiful area of Baloshistan, but badly hit by extremism and related activities. The new generation there has no idea of interfaith harmony. The message passed to the local Sardaars of different tribes was very clear and loud by Chairman of NCFIH, on the concept of interfaith harmony and peace. They all encouraged this visit and expected many more visits to organize a general body and start functioning of NCFIH in the region..


IHI/events/Ziarat07.jpg IHI/events/Ziarat009.jpg


P A S H E E N (go top)

A convention on the NCFIH was held in Pasheen under the supervision of Chairman Mr. Waseem Samad Hashmi. The participants agreed and promised to strongly carry out actions as per message passed to them by the Chairman. They agreed on the formula of unity, peace and interfaith harmony. During this convention, the participants strongly condemned the attacks on Qadiyani mosques. Although they are in minority, but as a human being, it is a big disaster.


M U L T A N (go top)

Seminar at Zilla Council Multan under Chairman I.F.H.P



Corner Meeting of I. F. H with City Distt  Chairman Faisalabad & Members.

Programme of Kabirwala a remote area of Khanewal Distt.

Rally at Vehari Inter Faith Harmony.

Chairman I.N.F.H addressing "Aman Conference" at Distt "Ziarat" Quetta with Chairman

Malik Abdullah Khan Tarakai.



Islamabad- Chairman AJK Alhaj Raja Jameel ur Rehman meeting with Central Chairman Pakistan

Syed Wasim Samad Hashmi. Chairman AJK Alhaj Raja Jameel ur Rehman, Secretary General Shaikh

Muhammad Sarwar and all Party members celebrate the event of Easter with Cake.


Travelling to Quetta people gereted the Chairman with "Illychi" at Ziarat.



Central Chairman NCFIH Syed Wasim Samad Hashmi addressing the "Aman Seminar" at Sialkot.



Notification giving ceremony of the Faisalabad body with Chairman Syed Wasim Samad Hashmi.



Chairman Syed Wasim Samad Hashmi at serena hotel Quetta seminar of Inter Faith.

American conslate General at Quetta cutting Christimas cake at serena hotel quetta with minister

Syeda Hashmi & Chairman INFH Syed Wasim Samad Hashmi. Hashim Kakar head of Quetta

Baluchistan, Chairman Baluchistan Shafique Achiqzai programme of Inter Faith Quetta.



An Iftar party By Bishop of Multan in honor of Muslim Fast Ramzan By Inter Faith Harmony.



Inter Faith Harmony at Sheikhupura. Malik Ameer Ali Waseer Chairman Distt Sheikhupura.



Protest Against " Tauheene Risalaat" in Multan.



A "Holly" Programme with hindu community at "Mandar" Bahawalpur Chairman. Multan & BWP

celebrating at a special invitation Inter.F.H. Reception of the Chairman by the Hindu community

of Yazman the remote desert area of Bahawalpur Distt. Programme with hindu community at

Yazman the remote desert area of BWP.



Chief Minister Punjab are welcomed by Chairman Interfaith Harmony Internation during visit at flood campaign camp at Muzaffargarh.

Mian Shahbaz Sharif at Muzaffargarh Desartest Management cell.



Car Rally to show Commitment to Moral Borst with Pak Army a car rally heading towards




Bomb Blast at Moon Market Lahore IFH a rally protesting the incident.

Special prayers for the blast incident at Moon Market Lahore.


Chairman Syed Wasim Samad Hashmi giving speech on Interfaith Harmony at Lahore Church.

Bishop of Lahore speaking at Lahore church on the function by NCPH Lahore.



The kids of Educator Campus Islamabad handover the aid to the Chairman Syed Wasim Samad Hashmi

to distribute among after the Noshera Flood.



NCFIH Chairman D.G.K. Dr. Rehmat Ullah Luna serving himself free camp by NCFIH at the bring of

flood affected.



A seminar at Zila Council hall Khanewal hosted by NCFIH. Syed Wasim Samad Hashmi addressing.



A rally to condem " Namoose Risalat" with the Chairman NCFIH at Faisalabad.



A gaibana Prayer for the mastyres of army persons at Bag-e-jinnah Lahore.

Chairman Syed Wasim Samad Hashmi and workers NCFIH Lahore attending the prayer.



A Seminar at Disstt Council Lodharan.



Multan Chairman NCFIH addressing on Council General at Circuit house Multan in the honour of

Razia Sultana Coordinator France.



Security duty at Muharrum ul Harram members NCFIH with the local administration performing duty

for peace keeping in Muharram processors. D.P.O. Malik Muhammad Iqbal, D.S.P. Ghulam Mustafah

Poutr, S.H.O. Abid Bhala.



Peace Conference at Saint Catholic Church Sheikhupura at Interfaith Dialogue.



A ceremony of notification at Zilacouncil hall Sahiwal with Divisional Chairman NCFIH Aftab Ahmad

and Vice Chairman Dr. Ali Ahmad with Peer Ehsan ullah MNA Sahiwal.



Central body meeting in Meeraj Hotel karachi company Islamabad.



Central Chairman Syed Waseem Samad Hashmi visiting Faisalabad on 9th Moharram.



Central Chairman Syed Waseem Samad Hashmi with Faisalabad district body on walk rally of Interfaith

Harmony with Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs and Christians are brothers in Pakistan.



Central Chairman Syed Wasim Samad Hashmi and Central Vice Chairman Mubashir Hashmi addressing

with the members of Anjumane Tajaran Tumber Market Multan.



Chairman AJK Alhaj Raja Jameel ul Rehman meeting with Sardar Kaka Singh and all party members.



American Consalate General Quetta Minister Syeda Hashim and chairman Waseem Hashmi cutting

the Christmis cake in Quetts.



Chairman AJK Raja Jameel ur Rehman with Prime Minister AJK Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider.

Chairman AJK Raja Jameel ur Rehman Easter event with Christian Community. Chairman AJK

Raja Jameel ur Rahman opening ceremony with him office. Central Chairman Syed Wasim Samad

Hashmi, Chairman AJK Raja Jameel ur Rehman and all party members attending the monthly event

executive committee.



Vice Chairman Multan Fauzi Hashmi giving council brousher to the Prime Minister and giving him breafing NCFIH activities brousher is in the hand of Prime Minister also receiving VIP Guest with Prime Minister.



Aman seminar in chaman




Muhammad Shafiq Khan Received Chief Collector South Zone of Pakistan



Chairman Baolchistan, Muhammad Shafiq Khan chaired a meeting with chief pattern X provincial Minister, Hashim kaker and other Provincial Members




Provincial Office of NCFIH in Quetta



Party of Appericiation and Courage to all Provincial Members by Provincial Chairman, Muhammad Shafiq Khan



Hilux Car In the service of NCFIH from The Provincial Chairman



Invited IG FC Gen. Ubaidullah Khattak and Commander Pishin Scouts, Brg. Rashid at Pashtun Aman Jirga


Invited Local Peace Jirga By The Chairman Shafiq Khan





Invited Chairman Station Commander, Col. Irfan by Shafiq Khan at Alwidai Party




Meeting with personal Staff Of IG Police Balochistan



Inaugration of the new School with Provincial Minister Of planning and Development, Dr. Hamid Khan Achakzai and Shafiq Khan Achakzai.




Participation in Christmiss By Central Chairman, Provincial Chairman, Provincial Members and American council General




Annual Peace Conference in Quetta.



Meeting Chaired by Provincial Chairman with district Chairmans



Provincial Body Meeting By Chairman Balochistan, Muhammad Shafiq Khan Achakzai.


_ _

Shield of Appreciation to Provincial Worker

_ _

Visited to Educational Institute in Kharan?


Visited to Noshki.




Dato' Salman Ahmed Qadri has been nominated and appointed theholder

of Kinghthood title of THE HONOURABLE DATO'

Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat, Mindanao.