Wednesday, 13 Dec 2017
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Central Chairman visits Punjab from July 5, 2012 to July 15, 2012...

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Kanwal Shehzadi Deputy General twn Comty Gandyal Sher M.W
Younus Massih Adition Gen Sect Town Comty Gendyal Shehar M.W
Rehana Nasir Deputy Secretary Gandyal Sheher Manority Wing
Nishan Massih Joint Secretary Town Comunity Gandyal Manority Win
Pervez Massih Joing Secretary Town Gandayal Shehar Khan Manort W
Zahran Bibi Aditional Secrt Town Commety Gandyal Shehr M.W
Nargis Bibi Exet Member Town Commety Gandyala Shehar Khan M W