Mr Syed Waseem Samad Hashmi


In this era of globalization, there is an essential need to keep people in touch with each other with love and harmony without any religion disputes, the benefit of it is that when people keep in touch with each other it will be helpful in the economic development of every country. People or countries of different religion work with each other and create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the whole world for the necessities of time a council is established by the name of “NATIONAL COUNCILE FOR INTERFAIR HARMONY” which is working on interface matters and create awareness between the people of different religions and give message to love, respect each other and their religions and cerate and maintain an atmosphere of peace and harmony among them.


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Dr. Ijaz Siddiqui

Central Senior Vice Chairman

DR, Ijaz as a Central Senior Vice Chairman now have full authority of our organization.

To make our efforts for alleviating poverty among the target poor people successful, NCFIH receives resources in cash and kind from different government and non-government donor agencies working in the national and international area to implement sponsored programs in different parts of Pakistan. The NGO Affairs Bureau of the Government of Pakistan always cooperates with us to accomplish our programs as scheduled.